“My savings!”: This is how Cynthia Klitbo recreated Sylvia Pasquel’s iconic scene

This is how the two Isauras look in their heartbreaking scene Photos: Screenshot (Youtube/Las Estrellas, Youtube/Tlnovelas)

Sylvia Pasquel He has acted in many telenovelas, but one of his most iconic scenes was in Loving You Is My Sin (2004), specifically when her character Isaura had the mattress she It protected hundreds of wads of bills.

In immense desperation, Isaura runs out to chase the truck and, helpless, cries at the scene while shouting: “My savings! My money! So much so that I had a hard time saving it!”

Almost 20 years later, this story took place again, but now in the telenovela No man’s wife (2022), where Isaura is the actress Cynthia Klitbo.

On August 5, the YouTube channel of Las Estrellas posted the sequence where the heartbreaking loss of money occurs, only she made a small variation, because she tore herself screaming “My little money, my little money!”.

This is why the people who enjoyed Pasquel’s performance at the time appreciated Klitbo’s work in the same way, thus comparing the modification of the iconic phrase: “2004: ‘My savings, my money!’, 2022: ‘My little money, my little money!’”.

Other comments were “Hate whatever is from No man’s wife but you have to admit that Cynthia Klitbo lived up to it!”, “The most anticipated scene of the soap opera”, “A lesson from this would be ‘Never keep your money under the mattress’”, “Both Cinthya Klitbo and Silvia Pasquel did an excellent performance in the mattress scenethe two different in their style but both are art” and “Although the original scene is sublime and unbeatable (with the great Pasquel) we must recognize the great performance of Cynthia Klitbo”.

The soap opera No man’s wife is still broadcasting through the channel The starshowever they can be seen on the official site, only one day apart.

“Fernando finds out that Paulina has little time to live, so he makes an important decision, Isaura loses all her savings and looks for Rafael to blackmail him into revealing the truth.”, could be read as a description of chapter 40.

This is how the posters of “Nobody’s Woman” and “Loving you is my sin” are (Photos: Instagram/@mujerdenadieof/televisaespectaculos)

Since Silvia Pinal’s daughter He uploaded the fragment of the telenovela to his Tik Tok accountthousands of users made it a trend on the platform because they use it in various situations such as a ruined plan, whether it is a trip to the beach in the rainy season, a property damaged for some reason, a precious object destroyed by pets, among others misfortunes.

The actress herself had already made her own “remake” of that iconic scene in 2021. They were the same netizens who asked the famous actress to re-interpret the characteristic moment. Pasquel even uploaded videos putting on her teeth as Isaura’s character and then starting the recording.

In the background it only has the dramatic music of Loving You Is My Sin while running in a small courtyard and mentions the dialogue of My savings! My money! So much so that I had a hard time saving it!”. In his Tik Tok he even took care of the detail of wearing the same fanny pack that Isaura was wearing.

He also shared another video where he makes Isaura’s characteristic whistle when one of his plans goes perfectly. The recreation of the mythical scene had a great reception by his followers on Tik Tok, who left comments such as “I loved the way he painted his teeth, sorry, lips”, “still has the touch” and “meme base has been updated.”

In that TikTok, Pasquel had more than 800 thousand “likes” within this social network and more than 10 thousand comments.


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