“My whole life has been bringing people together”

Interview. For the second time in his career, David Guetta was elected, Saturday November 7, world number one DJ in the magazine’s top 100 DJ Mag. This producer and composer also won the award for best electronic music artist on Sunday, November 8 at the MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony. At 53, this figure of Parisian nights of the 1990s, who became one of the most popular and profitable French DJs, during the first confinement, organized two charity concerts “United at home” from Miami and New York. Broadcast live on social networks, these shows have accumulated more than 50 million views and more than $ 1 million in donations in favor, in particular, of the organization Feeding America and the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France.

I wouldn’t have gotten there if …

… If I had not produced, in 2009, the title I Gotta Feeling for the American group The Black Eyed Peas. Suddenly, thanks to this immense success, I change my status, I am no longer just a recognized DJ but a pop star. I do, for example, the Asteca Stadium in Mexico City with 50,000 people, it’s completely crazy! At that time, I have the feeling that I have a cultural impact on the music. Thanks to this song, for the first time since disco, there was dance music on the radio in the United States. And the format of pop music has changed.

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I Gotta a Feeling was born out of a phone call. At the end of 2008, when my single Love Is Gone is a hit in Europe and is number one in clubs in the United States, one of the founders of the Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am – whom I did not know – searches for my phone number and sends me a text: ” I love Love Is Gone, can you produce our next album with us and most importantly i would like a track in the same style. »I reused the same guitar sound, the same cadence, but with different chords, and we did I Gotta Feeling.

My first success with Chris Willis, Just a Little More Love, in 2002, had remained in the world of DJs, sung at Space, a famous club in Ibiza. With I Gotta Feeling, we move on: the American presenter Oprah Winfrey devotes one of her talk shows to the title and makes people dance in the streets of Chicago!

You say you are “an alien” in your family. What was your education?

I have a psychoanalyst mother, professor of philosophy, of the extreme left, and a father, of Moroccan Jewish origin, former Trotskyist, sociologist turned restaurateur, and I am… a capitalist! My parents always told me that the money was dirty, that the only thing that mattered was knowledge, the books. There was a desire for rebellion on my part, as often in adolescence.

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