Myanmar Blackout! Power Downs Across the Country

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The electricity supply was cut off in Myanmar, Friday (5/3/2021). Several government agencies said this was due to a system disturbance.

The blackout occurred throughout the commercial city center of Yangon at around 13.30 local time. “The system malfunction caused power outages across the country,” Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation reported AFP.

The same thing happened in the city of Magway. This is justified for the same reasons at the city’s power company. Capital city Naypyitaw also experienced similar incidents, including the city of Mawlamyine.

Residents also reported this via Twitter and Facebook. This raises people’s prejudice because pThe blackout occurred on the sidelines of growing tensions between the junta and the pro-democracy masses.

The junta often blocks social media platforms (medsos) by limiting and even cutting off the internet for citizens. “It happened because of a system disturbance, we did not cut the power. It will return at night,” a utility official in Yangon was quoted as saying. Jerussalem Post.

The coup that overthrew the civilian government occurred in Myanmar since February 1, 2021. This led to a wave of mass anti-coup protests for more than a month.

So far there have been more than 50 people who died because of violence by the authorities. The military junta “gave permission” to the authorities to use weapons on the pretext that the masses would disturb stability.

Run away

Meanwhile, a number of people were reported to have fled Myanmar for India. This was in line with the repressive actions of the authorities against the anti-coup crowd.

Indian police reported nine Myanmar nationals crossed the border into Mizoram state. Three of them were policemen who refused to take part in the junta’s efforts to quell the protests.

The Times said 20 people had been reported crossing since Wednesday. Local residents, in Champai and Serchhip districts, even said that at least 50 residents had traveled.

“Their identities and reasons for fleeing Myanmar have been passed on to the State Interior Department,” said local police chief Kumar Abhishek.

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