Myanmar Civil Servants Joined Mass Strike, Myanmar Military Shaken


Civil Servants (PNS) at Myanmar refused to work with the Myanmar military and went on strike. The presence of striking officers adds to the internal team the civil disobedience movement to knock out the bureaucracy below military.

“The military needs to prove that they can manage the country well as a government. But if we … civil servants don’t work, their plans to take power will fail,” said Thida, a lecturer who asked to use a pseudonym.

As reported by AFP on Friday (26/2/2021) since coup d’etat, Thida refuses to teach her online classes. He was joined by medics who were also on strike. Many of them are now hiding to avoid capture by the military.

The increase in the number of civil servants who went on mass strikes caused the military to begin to shake. Without them, the military cannot collect taxes, send electricity bills, carry out COVID-19 tests or simply run the government.

The specter of the financial crisis – which has already emerged due to the pandemic and a decline in foreign investment – is increasingly threatening Myanmar.

It is not yet known the exact number of workers who went on a mass strike. A Crowdsourced survey found that members from 24 Ministries were involved in the action. According to the United Nations (UN) special rapporteur on Myanmar, estimates that three-quarters of civil servants go on strike.

“Nearly a third of national hospitals are no longer functioning,” military leader Min Aung Hlaing said this week.

In a statement published by state media on Tuesday (23/2) Min Aung Hlaing denounced medical professionals for failing to perform their duties. He also hinted at giving cash prizes to doctors and teachers who stay on the job.

One doctor said staff shortages meant his hospital had to turn down new patients. A medical “protective team” has been formed to provide emergency care to the protesters who were hit by rubber bullets and live ammunition.

In addition, all workers, drivers and government administrators were fired for their absence.

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