Myanmar mine landslide: 100 missing, one dead

Yangon: A man has died in a landslide at a jade gem mine in northern Myanmar. More than 100 people are missing. The accident took place at around 4 am on Wednesday in Pakant area of ​​Kutch state. Twenty-five injured people were taken to hospital.

The initial conclusion was that the landslide was caused by building debris being dumped into a mine by a lorry. The victims were people who had come to mine illegally. The search for the missing continues by boats on a nearby lake.

More than 200 people are involved in the rescue operation. Myanmar is a major source of jade gemstones in the world. Accidents are also common in the mines here. In 2020, 160 people were killed in a similar accident in the country.

Content Highlights: Up to 100 missing in jade mine landslide in Myanmar


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