Mysterious disease: Diouf Sarr evokes a toxic origin

Doctors are hard at work to overcome the mysterious disease affecting fishermen. But, while waiting for the results of the samples, the Minister of Health and Social Action thinks of a toxic origin, which could be the basis of this condition.

A toxic origin. At the time when the investigations are continuing, this is the track evoked by the Minister of Health and Social Action to explain the cause of the mysterious disease, which is currently raging in Thiaroye Sur Mer. “We asked the ‘Institut Pasteur but also our teams, in particular the poison control center, to look at the question in terms of investigation. What we can say today is that it is not related to Covid because the tests came back negative. We also did not see the presence of virus, which can make us think of a toxic origin but we cannot, at that moment, say it “, informed emedia Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, yesterday.
In addition, we know a little more about the “mysterious” disease that bedridden fishermen, at least on the investigation conducted by the Ministry of Health and Social Action. According to the report signed by Dr Diabogne Ndour, the dermatologist who came as an assistant spoke of the following diagnostic hypotheses: “Acute eczema, Covid, Chickenpox, Foot-hand-mouth syndrome.” It was based on a clinical examination of the patients and a summary of the situation, namely: “Lesions of impetigo with a peri-nostril and perioral location; Locally umbilicated papular lesions localized to the extremities (feet and hands); Localized erosions in the external genitalia (testes and glans); Conjunctival hyperemia; Headache; Fever; Edemas of the face surmounted by micro papules in some itching; The constants vary between: TA: 09/13 and 08/06 mmhg Temperature: 36 ° to 38 ° 5C Pulse: 76 to 54bpmn. ” Treatment with antihistamines, antibiotics, ointment, betadine dermal, analgesic and antipyretic was instituted according to the clinical picture, the report said.
In addition, the blood of the 10 most symptomatic patients was drawn for tests for Covid-19, among other examinations.
The report also specified that “they are migrant fishermen aged 13 to 46 years old male, residing in Saint-Louis, Diogo, Fassbooy and Thiaroye Sur Mer with various dermatological lesions on the face, extremities and sometimes in the external genitalia. The investigation reveals that the 1st 20-year-old case was received in consultation on November 12, 2020 with symptoms: non-generalized vesicular rash, swelling of the face, dry lips and redness of the eyes. No serious cases were noted. The questioning of the patients reveals that there would be similar cases in the houses but also gone to sea. The patients reveal that they would have been contaminated in contact with sea water ”.
Investigations are continuing on the instruction of the Minister of Health. Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr went to the scene and received an explanation of the situation.

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