Mysterious rapper BDM presents himself with a song about virtual love in domestic hip-hop

Shortly before All Lovers Day, by publishing the video of the debut single “IG mīla”, the mysterious rapper BDM has appeared on the Latvian hip-hop music scene. The young artist does not reveal to her listeners her real name or face, but surprises with a visual image and femininity uncharacteristic of the domestic hip-hop genre.

Hip-hop performer BDM’s single “IG mīla” takes listeners into the twists and turns of virtual relationships that are so characteristic today, marking the important role that social networks play in building relationships, often becoming the only tool through which to communicate their sympathy.

“For years, people have been getting to know, form and maintain relationships on social networks, but during the pandemic, the role of virtual relationships in people’s lives has reached unprecedented levels. We not only get to know and maintain relationships, but we also love, argue and decide online. And it is definitely harder than in real life, ”says BDM.

The authors and implementers of the idea of ​​the visual design of the composition are the creative agency “2B Creative”. The viewers of the video are taken on a night trip through the streets of Riga, allowing them to become companions of the hip-hop performer BDM on the way to a meeting with his beloved. Changing the views of Riga from a bird’s eye view, captured by the seventh best racing drone pilot in the world – Oskars Raudiņš, and close-ups that allow you to look at the artist’s hidden emotions, cause spectators to experience the story of virtual love, hopes and disappointments.

BDM’s debut single “IG mīla” was made in “401” and “Prime Time Records” recording studios. The songwriter Tablis (Toms Horsts) and the musician Jānis Šmēdiņš or Fakts, who is well known in domestic hip-hop circles, worked on the recording of the song, and also mixed and mastered the song. The authors of the song’s music are the producer group Beatdemons, which has produced songs for American rappers 6ix9ine, Money Man, etc. The vocals of the song “IG mīla” were sung by the local, promising singer Krisy.

The song is available to listeners on YouTube, as well as popular music streaming sites, including Spotify.


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