Mystery and rumors about the health of the Algerian president, suffering from Covid-19

It has been three weeks since Abdelmadjid Tebboune, 75, was evacuated to Germany, victim of respiratory distress due to his contamination with Covid-19. The Algerian presidency is now reassuring, but fails to convince.

The press release is written in a style “Sibylline”, but he wants to be reassuring, observe the daily Freedom in an editorial. Broadcast on Sunday, November 15 by the Presidency of the Algerian Republic, it reads that “The accompanying medical team confirms that the president has completed the recommended treatment and is currently undergoing post-protocol medical examinations”.

Move along, nothing to see. Sick of Covid-19 and hospitalized abroad (in Germany) for more than three weeks, Abdelmadjid Tebboune is doing well, it is said in high places. But these messages are struggling to convince. “The citizen is not very advanced to know that this treatment is accomplished”, valued Freedom.

Rumors about the president’s true state

Opaque communication, summary medical bulletins: while the authorities were slow to recognize that the head of state was infected with Covid-19, the media are wondering and rumors are spreading. In what state is the highest Algerian official?

The Moroccan media, which are doing everything possible to discredit the Algerian regime, have an alarming tone. The 360 points out that the Algerian presidency’s press release does not


Malik Ben Salem

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