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There is almost nothing that doesn’t exist in the network of networks: ingenious, interesting, useful and wonderfully superfluous. This time: everything we need to know about mythical characters.

VA few weeks ago a website was presented here that deals in detail with kites. Our reader Joachim Kordon from Leipzig then sent me a surfing tip that takes the topic of mythology even further: Under you will find extensive and exhaustive information on mythical figures from all eras and regions.

As the start page you will see a full-text searchable alphabetical listing of all characters from “Abraxas” to “Zombie” (all eras are actually represented), which, contrary to the content, is surprisingly sober and factual. By clicking on the respective name – as an example we choose “Achilles” – you will get an overview with “Fast Facts”, including the pronunciation of the name, family affiliation – in this case the parents Peleus and Nereid -, the origin (Greece ) or the appropriate symbol, which would be a protective shield here. This is followed by a more or less detailed text with further information. In addition to the alphabetical sorting, you will also find a classification according to origin, such as Greek, Nordic, Egyptian or Roman, and an extra directory of mythical creatures such as monsters and demons at the top of the screen. A community area is also linked in the top navigation: Behind this is a thematically structured forum, which, however, has so far only recorded one member and in which no one has posted a post; this honor could now be bestowed on you.

Now our riddle: Which very stout Indian deity is considered a gifted dancer and lover with a mischievous character? Please send your proposed solution to [email protected] We will raffle an e-book shopping voucher worth 25 euros from all correct entries. The closing date for entries is February 17, 2021, 9 p.m. In the past week “robber chess” would have been the right solution, the winner was notified in writing.


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