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Both Minister of Health and Mayor of Casablanca, Nabila Rmili is strongly criticized for this double hat. Several calls on social networks even demanded his immediate resignation from one of the two positions.

On September 20, Nabila Rmili candidate of the RNI, was elected first woman mayor of Casablanca. Barely crowned at the head of the City Council of the Casablanca metropolis, Rmili is assigned the portfolio of Health and Social Protection, in the new government of Aziz Akhannouch.

Internet users are enthusiastic the day after her election and congratulate themselves on having a first woman mayor of the economic capital. But the joy was short-lived as soon as his appointment as Minister of Health was known.

Rmili finds himself at the center of a controversy around the accumulation of mandates. An accumulation that she is not the only one to assume within the government of Aziz Akhannouch, also mayor of the city of Agadir.

The consternation quickly gave way to calls for the resignation of Nabila Rmili. On the Save Casablanca group, which has nearly 300,000 members, publications are bursting, denouncing in unison the impossibility of ensuring such heavy missions at the same time.

Contacted by H24 Info, Mouna Hachim, writer and founder of the Save Casablanca group explains to us that “this is not a campaign targeting one person, but rather a citizen reaction to the aberrant accumulation of gigantic mandates, to know mayor of the economic capital and Minister of Health ”, she maintains.

“During his election at the head of Casablanca, there was great enthusiasm, manifested in several positions in our group. But many changed their positions once Rmili was appointed to the new government, ”says Mouna Hachim.

“Personally, I do not doubt his human and professional skills to lead the city, nor his aptitudes to be a minister. But these skills cannot be dispersed. We are talking about two huge projects that require a full-time commitment, ”she confides.

Indeed, “the work that awaits Nabila Rmili is colossal in Casablanca and to add another mission of the same size is to try to make us believe in a fantastic heroine with supernatural powers, who would have one foot in Casablanca and another. in Rabat ”, estimates our interlocutor.

Absurd and insulting!

In the same opinion, Abdullah Abaâkil (PSU), elected to the council of the city of Casablanca, challenges us for his part on the legal vacuum, allowing the accumulation of mandates. “It is absurd and very insulting for those who are attached to local work,” he denounces.

In addition, “this will pose a real problem when citizens realize that their mayor is not available on site”, he explains, believing that “it will be necessary to make a choice, but also to appeal to the ethics and have a minimum of respect for citizens ”.

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For this purpose, a petition was even launched calling for the resignation of Nadia Rmili. The appeal, which has collected some signatures, was reportedly launched by activists of the Federation of the Democratic Left. Nevertheless, “the critics should not be equated with partisan and politicized campaigns, but rather with free citizen voices who have suffered years of mismanagement of the city and who have placed all their hopes in these elections, in the hope of see someone in the field and listening to their grievances, ”concludes Mouna Hachim.

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