Nacho Ambriz could be Osasuna’s coach and LaLiga did not leave him: Vasco Aguirre

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Mexico City / 12.12.2020 00:54:40

The great friendship that exists between Javier Aguirre e Ignacio Ambrizas well as the six years they spent in Spain together and the stage they had in the Osasuna. It is precisely in those years, in 2006, To be more precise, when Aguirre reached the Atlético de Madrid and Nacho was about to be the coach of the Rojillos.

The new technician of Striped revealed that after his departure from the team, the board thought of giving a vote of confidence to the current strategist of Lion, but nevertheless, LaLiga did not allow it because Ambriz did not meet the requirement from his stay as DT there in Spain.

I hope I can emigrate to Spain, to Europe, to leave here. I think it’s ready, in fact when I was in Osasuna and I went to Athletic Y they offered the team, but LaLiga did not leave it Spanish because I wasn’t there for three years, but it was already done and we would have had two Mexicans directing, “he said in an interview with Fox Sports.

Values ​​his development as a technician

Aguirre applauded the evolution it has had in the mexican soccer, especially with the emerald project.

“I’ve been talking to him these days. I was pleasantly impressed. Six years he was with me in Europe, he is a technician from head to toe



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