Nacional, sanctioned with 68 million after League title

Atlético Nacional continues to celebrate the achievement of its star number 17. The team led by Hernán Dario Herrera He was champion of the BetPlay League 2022-I after beating Deportes Tolima with a global score of 4-3. However, the Dimayor Disciplinary Committee sanctioned the Antioquia team with three fines amounting to 68 million pesos for incurring in faults in the regulations during the final round.

One of the sanctions the team received was for Jarlan Barrera, who received a fine of 10 million pesos for celebrating the goal that secured the title of the green team after scoring a header at the last minute of the game at the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium in Ibagué. The midfielder took off his shirt and in addition to receiving the yellow card, he was sanctioned by the Committee with 10 current minimum monthly wages.

“Jarlan Junior Barrera Escalona, ​​player of record for Club Atlético Nacional SA (“National”), sanctioned with ten million pesos ($10,000,000) for incurring in the infraction contained in article 69 of the CDU of the FCF (Getting up or taking off the shirt when celebrating a goal), in the match played for the Final Vuelta Liga BetPlay DIMAYOR I 2022 against Club Deportes Tolima SA”. published by the Committee in Article 2 of Resolution 039.

Secondly, the Disciplinary Committee sanctioned Atlético Nacional with a fine of 50 million for the improper presence of Emilio Gutiérrez, president of the Antioquian institution. The manager was on the substitute bench without the authorization of the central judge in the last minutes of the match and was even seen celebrating the goal. In the releases, the club accepted the infraction.

“Club Atlético Nacional SA sanctioned with a fine of fifty million pesos ($50,000,000) for the presence of President Emilio Gutiérrez on the substitute bench or in the vicinity of the field of play without authorizationin accordance with number 1 of article 80 of the CDU of the FCF”, complemented the Resolution in its Article 3.

The last fine received by the purslane was 8 million pesos after violating the award protocol. According to Dimayor, on the stage at the time of receiving the medals, lifting the title and taking the official photo of the champion there were people who were not registered on the list.

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