Naf Naf recovery by its supplier of a franco-Turkish

The claw Naf Naf is passed under the flag of franco-Turkish. The group SY Corporate has achieved this Friday the resumption of this brand to apparel, which flourished in the 1980s and 1990s. It was these last few months in great financial difficulty, weakened by the crisis “yellow vests“then the strikes, and dropped by its shareholder, the chinese The Chapel. SY corporate was in competition with the group Beaumanoir, is also a candidate for the recovery of more than 300 stores in The covered market. The franco-Turkish proposed to resume 944 employees on 1170, and 125 stores on 160 owned, as well as the entire 75 shops affiliated.

This offer was supported before the deliberation of the court by the current direction of the sign, which remains in place. “I welcome the deliberate with relief while being sad for the employees who are not included todayresponded Luc Mory, CEO of Naf Naf in a press release. The offer made by SY Corporate France was the “best evaluated bid” from a social point of view and financial. […] Naf Naf is finally with SY Corporate France, a shareholder who allows us to envisage the future with serenity. Naf Naf will be a new impetus for its development.

The sign is not remained idly in recent years. “Naf Naf has reworked its brand, writes Martin Crépy, partner at EY. They have a modern style, try to get back to the codes of the competitors are more upscale, while remaining affordable. The real problem of Naf Naf is that they need liquidity to accelerate their development.”

The brand of clothing is now in the hands of one of its suppliers for nearly thirty years. Today, the orders of Naf Naf represent about a third of the activity of SY corporate, according to Naf Naf. The textile manufacturer is based in France, Tunisia and Turkey. “The contribution of Naf Naf in her breast, gives him control of the whole chain from design to distribution of products, agility and efficiency to better meet the expectations of the clients of Naf Naf“explains a news release issued Friday.

The redemption of Naf Naf is not his first foray into the world of distribution. SY corporate has already bought the brand Sinequanone last year. The addition of Naf Naf to its portfolio will enable it to realize synergies… and to ensure the sustainability of one of its major customers.


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