Nahed El Sebaei: Diversity is good for the artist and the audience

The movie “Mako” broke the barrier of three million pounds in revenue in the first three days of its showing in cinemas, after it was postponed more than once due to the “Corona” virus.

Nahed Al-Sibai expressed to “Al-Khaleej”, her happiness with the reactions about the work, pointing out that it is going well, both in terms of revenues and public reactions.

And about the competition, she confirms that everyone is happy with the return of cinema and the presence of many films by big stars, and this diversity is useful both for the artist and for the audience, especially since each work is different from the other, pointing out that this difference meets the needs of the audience to watch the work they love.

The film stars Murad Yildirim, Basma, Nicolas Moawad, Munther Rayhana, Feryal Youssef, Amr Wahba and Mohamed Mahran.


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