Nahed Sharif.. breaks her silence and reveals how the director blackmailed her and forced her to appear in a hot clip while she was completely without clothes with Ezzat Al-Alayli in the scratchy movie Wolves Don’t Eat Meat!

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The movie Wolves Don’t Eat Meat was banned, because it was considered a pornographic movie in which the late actress Nahed Sharif appeared completely naked.

This issue made the audience wonder about the idea of ​​Nahid Sherif accepting her representation in this film.

Film critic Magda Khairallah revealed, in one of her artistic interviews, the reason, saying:

After the defeat of 1967, the Egyptian cinema studios and laboratories were paralyzed, and the emigration was forcing Nahid to accept these roles.

It is worth noting that Nahid has reached the pinnacle of daring in her artistic work, and she starred in the film in 1973 and was filmed in the State of Kuwait, co-starring Mohsen Sarhan and Izzat Al-Alayli.

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