Naju City, ‘Pregnant Women’s Day. Mental Health Day’ Commemorative Event

▲Naju City, ‘Pregnant Women’s Day. Mental Health Day’ commemorative event

On the 26th, Naju City held an event to commemorate the ‘Pregnant Women’s Day and Mental Health Day’ at the Bitgaram Radio Hall of the Innovation City National Radio Research Institute to create a social atmosphere that cares for pregnant women and to eliminate prejudice against mental illness.

The event, which was attended by about 200 local pregnant women’s families and citizens, started with the Naju City Choir’s harmony before the ceremony and the passionate Nanta performance of the children of Dongsan Kindergarten, followed by an award for those who contributed to overcoming the low birth rate, mental health lectures, nutrition education, and recreation. done.

The city awarded 10 people, including Cho, a citizen, who contributed to the creation of a childbirth and parenting-friendly environment by giving birth to multiple children as meritors in overcoming the low fertility.

In addition, he invited Woo-Sang Yoon, the director of Bright Heart Hospital (former Nampyeong Mirae Hospital), to give a special lecture on the topic ‘Take care of the words in the heart’, as well as the program ‘Break away the stress’ by Kwak Gwi-geun, a recreation instructor, and received enthusiastic responses from the attendees.

Jo Jae-yoon, Deputy Mayor of Naju, who attended the event, said, “I hope today’s event is a time to feel the importance of pregnancy and childbirth.” “To realize a happy city where work and family are in harmony, a public postpartum care center in the innovative city and a breastfeeding room in the workplace will be installed. We will spare no effort in providing administrative support to overcome the problem of low birthrate,” he said.

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