Nakstad to NRK: Probably new measures in schools from next week –

The reason is an increase in infection rates recently, Nakstad told the channel on Saturday.

– We can also expect that we will refine advice and guidelines when it comes to schools, how we can strengthen the infection control around the children so that we do not get outbreaks into kindergartens and schools and can keep educational institutions more open, he says.

The government stated in one press release Friday that they have asked the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the National Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Directorate of Education to review the infection control guides for schools and kindergartens based on increasing national infection and several cases of mutated variants.

– We have received many suggestions from kindergartens and schools that they want an update of the guides after the new virus variants have arrived. We also see that it varies a lot how the schools comply with the measures. Therefore, there is reason to consider in more detail how yellow and red levels should be practiced, said Minister of Education and Integration Guri Melby (V).


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