Named the most effective way to take vitamin D

What is the best form to take the supplement?

Vitamin D is extremely important for human health. Not only the strength of our bones, but also immunity depends on it. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D allows you to recover faster after suffering a coronavirus.

In turn, the World Health Organization recommends taking vitamin D supplements every day, regardless of a person’s diet and how much time they spend under the sun.

The uniqueness of this vitamin, we recall, lies in the fact that it can be produced by the body itself under the influence of sunlight, however, to achieve the norm of its content only due to the sun almost impossible.

There are currently many vitamin D supplements on the shelves in pharmacies. However, as writes The Telegraphnot all of them are equally effective.

Thus, pharmacist Shabir Daya, in an interview with the publication, noted that vitamins produced in the form of tablets and capsules lose 40-50 percent when passing through the digestive system.

The specialist noted that additives produced in the form of sprays are much more effective. They are sprayed on the inside of the cheek, after which they quickly enter the bloodstream through the many blood vessels inside the buccal mucosa, bypassing the digestive tract.

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