names that officials may refrain from registering

The registry official may appeal to an ombudsman for minors to intervene.

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The registry official may appeal to an ombudsman for minors to intervene.

The Registrar’s Office informs that they are not required to register offensive or degrading names.

Colombia has been a country in which people have been registered care offensive, unusual or degrading names. But this could already be past history.

The National Registry of Civil Status reported this Saturday that its officials they will not be obliged to register names such as Miperro, Híbrido, Judas, Belcebú, Satanás, among others, as stated by Rodrigo Pérez Monroy, national director of Civil registration of the Registrar’s Office. -Read also: Tragedy in Gaira: these were the six young people run over by Enrique Vives.

The entity points out that, although the norm does not radically limit the freedom of parents to give their children the name they want, officials can abstain to register names that could violate dignity, sound criticism and conscientious objection. The reason: because it is an offensive or degrading description against the minor.The Registrar’s Office detailed that the registry official may call on an ombudsman for minors to intervene about the denomination that father wants.-Read also: Is Poncho Zuleta now a petrist? “Notarial officials are not required to sign such names,” reiterated Pérez Monroy. The official said that parents will not be able to give their children names that in the future may affect the free development of their personality. Highlighted that they will be prevented from being bullied for some particular taste of the father or mother or for their creativity. “Registration is not denied, but if there is opposition to writing in the notarial register a grotesque and offensive expression that in no way describes the personality or individuality of that minor, therefore, one could appeal to the conscientious objection which is clearly regulated in the Political Constitution, ”Pérez Monroy pointed out through an official statement. -Read also: how to block a contact without entering a conversationThe Registrar’s Office indicates that as of December 31, 2020, 619,504 children were registered whose parents gave them, among others, the names of world-renowned artists and athletes such as Cristiano, James, Neymar, Maluma. But more exotic names such as Chespirito, Warnerbro and Joku, among others, were also registered. -Read also: This is the life of 6, the young man with the shortest name in ColombiaOther cases have been those of minors named as Vanderlein, Messi Andrés, John Crazy, Bellaflor, Britney Cristal, Alison Lupita. However, this type of names, clarifies the Registry, are accepted for not becoming degrading or offensive to the newborn girl or boy. The best bars to dance salsa in Bogotá.

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