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“Friday” released on May 28 posted information about Nana Mori, who became independent from her agency in January this year. Mori is said to have lost a lot of work due to independence.

“According to the article, Mori decided to become independent even though the contract with the office still remained, so from inside and outside the industry,’If such selfishness goes through, the entertainment world will end.’ There were a lot of harsh opinions such as that. Perhaps because of that, although it was a hot seller before independence, there was no vacancy in the schedule, but now the exposure has dropped sharply and there are no plans to appear in the drama. On the contrary, casting There are many rumors that the name has been erased from the candidates. “(Entertainer)

Mori, whose actress business is declining sharply, appeared on the radio program “GIRLS LOCKS!” On May 10. Among them, it is said that her remarks made to listeners are attracting attention among some fans as being meaningful.

“In the program, Mori introduced an email from a female junior high school listener who said that she was writing a” self-introduction card “to give out to her friends because the new semester had begun. I found a self-introduction card from that time, “he said,” I wrote about my favorite food ramen … Oh, that’s right. I haven’t eaten ramen for a long time now. ” She confessed that she was completely gone. Then she told the listener of Mori fan who sent me an email, “So I tend to forget what I just wrote, so even if I forget other things, I forget … There was one act to convey with emotion, “Please don’t …”. Fans are worried that the number of jobs in the forest has decreased sharply after independence, so the word “Don’t forget” Is meaningful ”(above, entertainment reporter)

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Rena Nonen hasn’t had the chance to see her in TV dramas since she became independent from the agency. Can the forest make a comeback before it is forgotten by the world?


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