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of the actressFumino KimuraAlice Hirose, Nanao, and Shim Eun Kyung attended an event just before the release of the movie “Seven Secretaries THE MOVIE” held in Tokyo on the 26th. In the scene where she answered a question from her fans, Nanao repeatedly gave her accurate advice, and Kimura praised it as “Pikaichi”.

This work, which is a movie adaptation of a drama broadcast on TV Asahi in 2020, supports the boss on the surface, serves the organization, and secretaries who are secretive about what is inconspicuous, but behind the scenes, they are “unparalleled.” Using infiltration skills, the ability to access top-secret information networks, and hidden high physical abilities, he secretly works as a “shadow corps” to save the weak.

On this day, the cast will answer the troubles sent to Twitter and Instagram under the title of “Secretary’s Concern Consultation”. When asked if she is usually the type to be consulted, Hirose replied, “I don’t consult, and I can’t rely on you at all (laughs).

Nanao replied, “Many people overwhelm me. I’m not a big person, but for some reason, I’m often consulted.” Kimura showed a satisfied expression, “If you say ‘This is it, isn’t it?’, ‘Isn’t it like this?’ It’s going to happen,” he said.

When the moderator said, “I wonder if Mr. Kimura is the type to receive advice,” Kimura confessed, “I don’t take (consultation) too seriously, or rather, I listen to it over and over.” Nanao laughed, “I have that kind of image!”, and Kimura said, “I think he’s the right person for someone who wants to listen one-sidedly (laughs). I will,” he appealed.

“I want to do something about a boy who behaves suggestively. How can I fight him off?” is the best,” he said clearly. She said that it is necessary to say no properly, and she commented, “I want women to be able to say yes and no clearly.” She went on to say, “I’ll do my best to express my intentions. After that, if I can say thank you and I’m sorry, people will be fine,” she said.

After that, Nanao continued to give accurate advice, and Kimura admired, “Nanao-chan’s advice is excellent. Nanao said, “Really? Let’s make a ‘Nanao’s room’,” and Hirose said, “I want to go! I’m the first person.”

movie”Seven Secretaries THE MOVIE” will be released nationwide on October 7th.

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