Nancy Pelosi (80) nominated again – Trump’s arch enemy remains boss of the Democrats – Politics abroad

This result will give President-elect Joe Biden, 77, a sigh of relief. Because apparently his Democrats are not as divided as the Republicans would like them to be.

Nancy Pelosi (80), the woman who initiated the impeachment proceedings against still-President Donald Trump (74), has been confirmed by her party as a candidate for the office of President of the House of Representatives for two more years. And unanimously!

“We have the coronavirus here, which shows the injustice in our health system that we must address to fight the virus, honor our heroes and get money back into the pockets of the American people,” the powerful MP ​​omitted Notify California through their office of their choice.

Also at the top of the agenda for her upcoming term of office: the passing of a law to reform law enforcement and changes to legislation on health and the environment.

Joe Biden congratulated Pelosi on the election. “He is looking forward to working with her and the democratic leadership in the house on a common policy to bring Covid-19 under control and rebuild our economy again and better,” the statement said.

But Pelosi, who is despised as a socialist by many conservatives in the country while the left wing of the liberals accuses her of being part of the Washington establishment, has a difficult task ahead of her. Democrats and Republicans have been at odds with a new Corona aid package for months and are far from reaching an agreement.

That means: you will soon have to negotiate a decision for the financial aid if you – and with her Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (56) – do not want to attract the displeasure of the Americans.

She must also try to keep the wings of her party together. This is especially important if the Republicans should retain a majority in the uppermost chamber of the US Congress after the two remaining Senate runoff elections in the US state of Georgia. Because if the Democrats are also divided in the House of Representatives, Biden and Pelosi will find it very difficult to implement their visions for America.

The entire House of Representatives still has to vote for Pelosi in early January. Despite losing seats for the Democrats, Biden’s party was able to secure its majority in the chamber. It is therefore expected that Pelosi will prevail in the vote against the Republican candidate.


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