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Prices of solid-state drives have also been falling as a glut of NAND supplies persisted for months. TrendForce analysts pointed out in a new report that this trend will become more severe in the fourth quarter of 2022. It is expected that the price of NAND flash memory will be reduced by 15-20% in the next quarter, which will drive the price of SSD terminals to decline synchronously.


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In other words, SSD prices may bottom out around the end of 2022, but market trends in 2023 are unknown.

Affected by economic uncertainty,Demand for PCs, graphics cards and other equipment has also fallen recently, forcing some suppliers to aggressively adjust prices to clear high inventory. Companies such as SK Hynix and Kioxia are rolling out new products step-by-step despite the softening market, intensifying price competition.

In the environment of declining demand and increasing shipments, the pressure on solid-state storage prices has been transferred to 176-layer NAND flash memory and PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives (especially 512GB), and enterprise-levelSSDThe market is facing a similar trend.

In fact,Before the new generation of CPU and GPU products this fall, the prices of graphics cards and SSDs have dropped for a while (judging from some actual sales, many SSD prices have halved compared to last year). For those who need to install or upgrade, the end of 2022 may be a good time to start.

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