Naomi Osaka was warned by the joint name of the 4 Grand Slams: kick out the game if there is no trouble-Sports-China Times News

The Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka was fined. She will pay the price for boycotting the press conference. The French Open officially ordered a fine of 15,000 US dollars (about 410,000 Taiwan dollars) on the 30th. Naomi Osaka is the world’s highest paid female athlete. This fine is simply sad (the upper limit is $20,000), but the French Open also warned her that if she continues to violate the rules, she will be punished more severely, and the most serious will lead to her being kicked out of the future Daman Through the race!

The French Open announced: “Our team asked her to rethink her position. At the same time, we tried to talk to her but did not succeed. As Naomi Osaka refused to cooperate, the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open jointly wrote to ask her. Physical and mental condition and willing to provide support. We also reminded her of her obligations. If she fails to do so, she will bear the consequences, no matter which player she is.”

Naomi Osaka criticized the media’s repeated questioning and had begun to make her self-doubt, and these people never cared about her mental state, so she refused to attend the press conference. “If they only threaten with fines, but deliberately ignore the athletes’ mental health, it just makes me feel ridiculous.” Naomi Osaka once said that she was relatively happy before she became famous, but the media attention later made her very uncomfortable.

The British media BBC criticized Naomi Osaka for lack of judgment and believes that she should not resort to illegal protests even if she has legitimate reasons. The warnings issued by the 4 majors are no joke, partly because these tournaments have sold media interview rights. British player Naomi Broady said: “Part of the bonus in our pocket comes from interview fees paid by the media. Those who are unwilling to cooperate may not be eligible to participate in the competition.”

Naomi Osaka won the first game. She accepted a brief interview on the stadium as usual, but refused to attend the press conference. The French Open emphasized that their law enforcement spirit is the same, even if she is a big star, she can’t have privileges.

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