“Napoli by Luciano Spalletti: The Most Exciting Team in Europe with a Visionary Strategy”

2023-04-30 23:41:00

Not counting Guardiola’s Manchester City -the club that best understands football in the world and which, for that very reason, has to date the opportunity to achieve a historic treble (Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League)-, the team most exciting in Europe is the Naples by Luciano Spalletti.

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What the Italian coach has done is magnificent, as he has managed to build a vibrant team that perfectly applies several of the precepts that define football success today: possession, high pressing and fluid tactics. The latter is crucial, since Spalletti does not believe in schemes and even allows himself to doubt that they serve as a reference: “4-3-3? The systems no longer exist in football, everything tries to occupy the spaces left by the rival. You have to be quick to identify them and know the right moment to attack, have the courage to initiate the movement even when you are under pressure.”.

But yes, Spalletti starts from a 4-3-3 in the Dutch way, that is, one that can become a 2-5-3 or even a 2-3-5 as the offense evolves. It is a drawing that adapts to the moment of each game with versatility and reaction. To this he adds a rather Italian defensive zeal, which results in a very attractive scheme in terms of variants and strength, since his team has a physical imprint typical of calcium that he has not renounced. It could be said that this ‘physicality’ is one of the contributions that Spalletti introduced as a complement to the attractive proposal of one of his predecessors in office, the inspired Sarri.

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The strategy

Of course, all this would be nothing more than a theoretical wandering if the formula did not have performers, and boy does it have. Meret It is the closest that Italy has today to Buffon, with the exceptions of the case (curiously they suffer from the same thing: I play with the foot). Donnaruma, it is becoming increasingly clear, is the most overrated goalkeeper since Bodo Illgner. The defensive structure falls on Rahman y min-jaeescorted by of Lorenzo y Olivera, who have a good ability to deploy in the middle with solvency. The great merit here is having been able to compensate for Koulibaly’s departure to Chelsea without the lock being breached.

Forward, Lobotka, Zielinsky y Anguissa they manage to carry out containment and arming in a harmonious way. The former was converted into a ‘regista’ by Spalletti, although his qualities are more reminiscent of Iniesta than of Xavi; Anguissa, next to him, provides the muscle, the containment and the output necessary to make coverages, carry out relays and save predicaments. Zielinsky, usually thrown to the left, explodes acting as a winger and hurts with passes between the lines.

In the three quarters the shine begins: Kvaratskhelia It is for whom the best young attacker (22 years old) writes in terms of projection, outside of Haaland. The Georgian has an overflow, dribble, cross, goal, attacks space, shows himself and keeps several secrets one on one. His lanky posture is reminiscent of a mix of Berbatov and Hleb, and with them he shares exquisite technique. It is unlikely that Napoli can keep him for a long time, hopefully so. Beside him flashes the Nigerian Osimhen, a 9 with speed (he has passed 35 km/h more times than Mbappé), aerial play, power, resources and definition: this season he has 21 goals in 25 games, with an average of 0.93 goals per 90 minutes played, if we go into detail. on the right, Napolitano provides overflow and center, although Spalletti also has as variants Lozano y Simeonealthough the latter has just recovered from an ugly injury.

This cast, under this idea, has allowed Napoli to be about to lift the third scudetto in its history. The two previous ones were triumphs based on the leadership and genius of Maradona, a gifted man at his peak of creativity and performance. This third league, on the other hand, will be the result of a vision intelligently orchestrated by a complete, versatile, energetic and boiling team. Wherever he is, Diego will celebrate with pleasure.

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