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While the Ombudsman’s Office, Human Rights Watch and Save the Children call for violence in the Nariño country for massacres and acts against children, adolescents and young people, a humble family in Tumaco, port of this department of the southwestern national lives the drama by an 11 year old girl.

According to Íngrid Araujo, mother of the minor, her daughter said she was going to play with some friends from the same neighborhood where she lives, La Calavera Puente Pindal, one of the most depressed and vulnerable in Tumaco.

The case was alerted last Friday.

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After hours that the girl did not return to her humble home, in one of the narrow alleys of rustic houses in La Calavera, the mother and some relatives went to look for her.

No one gave an account of the girl or the neighbors with whom she used to be.

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Later someone reported that they had found her and the mother and family were horrified when they reached a sector of the same neighborhood with little affluence.

The girl was allegedly tied up. Although the hypothesis of an alleged hanging and murder arose, the authorities have not ruled on the matter.

Although she was transferred to the Divino Niño hospital and there the doctors tried to revive her, the little girl died.

Now, the family is asking the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify this case to determine if it was a crime, in addition to its members asking for money from those who wish to collaborate with funeral expenses to bury her.

The girl’s mother lives by performing various jobs and that is why she cries out for help because she said she has no resources.

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Meanwhile, the organization Save the Children (Save the children), issued an alert on the critical situation of minors in the country and in regions harassed by needs, conflict and criminal gangs, such as Nariño.

According to this non-governmental organization, boys and girls are exposed in this department to be victims of abuse, murder, sexual violence and forced recruitment.

María Paula Martínez, director of Save the Children in Colombia, said: “We have lived with illegal armed groups for more than 60 years in Colombia, and we have the obligation to protect our children and young people from the scourges of war.”

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He added: “Children should not be witnesses to any kind of violence and, certainly, they should not be forced to actively participate in it. The massacres and the recruitment of children reflect a serious violation of the rights of children and youth in Colombia. A rapid and concerted response from the authorities, civil society and communities is essential to stop this war against children. ”

In Save the Children they make an urgent call to the National Government to take measures to protect minors and vulnerable young people in families that have remained in the midst of clashes between heavily armed groups in Tumaco, for example, in an all-out war for weapons and drug trafficking, with the tragedy of the murders of children and young people, the disappearance of these minors, displacement of their families, torture and crimes of relatives and relatives.

The director of Save the Children in the country stressed that in these times of pandemic, they sought to support virtual education programs for children in homes without resources with the delivery of 10,000 school kits and 4,500 ‘Stay at home’ kits. In turn, it promotes a radio education program, taking into account

The Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) also joined the call and has been doing so in recent months, taking into account crimes and massacres that have involved minors and young people, such as the massacre of the five adolescents in the humble neighborhood Llano Verde, in Cali, on August 11.

The Ombudsman’s Office also insists on the early alarms that it is issuing not only this year. For years because organized armed groups have been intensifying their actions in the southwestern part of the country.

Likewise, the Attorney General of the Nation, Fernando Carrillo, said that officials are being investigated, especially for the Samaniego massacre, on August 15 and for which eight young people, most of them university students and no more than 25 years old, were murdered at a party in a house in the Santa Catalina village.

According to Carrillo, because the Ombudsman’s Office has been warning and is evaluating the actions of government entities, both in Samaniego and Nariño.



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