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NASA appoints 24 theologians To study man’s reaction to aliens | Alien | Space | NASA | Science News | Malayalam Technology News

Man is also fascinated by the mystery of aliens and their commonly known flying saucers. Millions of dollars are being spent on research and development to find extraterrestrial life. News of the discovery of an alien creature and flying saucer (UFO) on Earth has even been followed by international investigative agencies. The United States is at the forefront of investigating such matters. The latest news is that NASA has appointed 24 theologians to study the human reaction to aliens. The Times UK and the New York Times have published this.

Theologians at the Center for Theological Inquiry (CTI) in Princeton, New Jersey, have begun studying the human response to extraterrestrial life. The purpose of the study is to understand how humans react to reports of intelligent life on other planets.

The possibility of finding life on another planet is on the rise, says a British researcher among NASA-appointed theologians. Dr. The British media reports that Andrew Davison said. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry from Oxford. Dr. Andrew Davison is a religious scholar at the University of Cambridge. In his recent research, Davison said in a recent statement on the Faculty of Divinity’s Cambridge University’s blog that he has observed over the past 150 years how much theology and astronomy have been the subject of popular writing.

Davis’ new book, Astrobiology and the Christian Doctrine, to be published in 2022, contains new revelations and questions. The Times reports that CTI and NASA are conducting a ‘joint spiritual exploration’. Is there life elsewhere in the universe? Would the discovery of extraterrestrial life change the theories of origin of all religions, and how would this discovery affect the belief system of believers around the world? In his new book, Davison asks the scientific community questions such as:

Twenty-four theologians also attended a NASA – sponsored event at the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton University in New Jersey to assess how religions react to reports of extraterrestrial life. This is the latest report on a partnership between the US space agency and religious institutions. In 2014, NASA reportedly awarded a $ 11 million grant to CTI for such a study. It studies the interests of believers in learning about the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and their open minds to scientific inquiry. This research project is called the Social Implications of Astrobiology Study. Earlier studies have shown a link between religious beliefs and belief in aliens.

English Summary: NASA is hiring priests to prepare humans for contact with aliens


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