NASA detects a radio signal coming from Ganymede

The Juno space probe, launched in the year 2011 by NASA and dedicated to the study of planet Jupiter since she mated him in July 2016, has detected for the first time a radio signal from the Ganymede satellite when he was in the polar zone of the planet.

Experts have called this amplification – which has lasted about five seconds – “decametric radio emission”, so Ganymede could have functioned as a Wifi network for a short time.

It is not an alien sign

The curious have not been slow to relate it to a possible alien contact, but NASA has wanted to deny that it was an extraterrestrial signal. Patrick Wiggins, one of the NASA ambassadors in Utah (USA), has declared for the American media FOX 8 that the detected radio emission corresponds to “a natural function”. He wanted to explain that the signal has been caused by electrons that “oscillate at a slower speed than they rotate, which causes them to amplify radio waves very quickly.”

“It’s not E.T.,” said Patrick Wiggins, one of NASA’s Ambassadors to Utah. “It’s more of a natural function.”

Posted by Fox 8 News on Monday, January 11, 2021

Ganymede It’s one of the Jupiter’s largest satellites and the solar system. It is the seventh closest to the planet and the third of those known as the Galilean satellites -or Galilean moons-, the first group of objects to orbit around a planet that was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei.

The radio signal evokes Carlos Jesús

When the news broke, the networks have not taken long to remember and make the iconic collaborator character of the television program ‘Crónicas Marcianas’, Carlos Jesús, that became famous in the 90’s.

Your real name is Jesus Knight King, a Sevillian who has his headquarters in Dos Hermanas, where a plaque on his portal reads “Carlos Jesús. Curaciones por fe”. A seer who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and have a parallel existence in a planet called “Raticulín”. Carlos Jesús was divided into two other different people: “Micael”, with whom he spoke with the voice of a robot and corresponded to the voice of Jesus, and “Crístofer”, who was in charge of maintaining the spaceships.

The character, who has left phrases and stories to remember, made mention of the aliens from Ganymede. He explained that in one of his astral travels had been on Ganymede, in the constellation of Orion, and warned that the world “must prepare for what is coming: a worldwide evacuation by aliens. 13 million ships from Ganymede will come.”

The networks have not been slow to contribute their particular memes and have compiled images and videos of Carlos Jesús, referring to the radio signal from Ganymede and the prediction made by this mythical character.

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