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NASA detects a strange circular scene from Mars

A NASA orbiter has spotted a strange scene from the land of Mars, during its tour in which it flew to the highest volcanic peaks in the Red Planet.
NASA’s Mars Exploration Orbiter has circled the Red Planet for more than a decade and a half, and during its long tours, it collected a large number of detailed images of the planet, including many volcanic peaks, valleys and dry lakes. According to “Sputnik”.
And NASA shared on its official Twitter page an interesting image of Mars, due to the strange shape that the probe’s cameras spotted from the top of the planet.
Commenting on the strange scene, the agency said, “The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spied and observed interesting details in this crater, which is just over half a mile (about one kilometer) wide.”
“Wind ripples over the potential sedimentary layers reveal wind patterns within the crater,” she explained.
According to the article published on the agency’s website, these impact craters spread in the northern mid-latitudes have interesting interior designs, each with “aeolian” wind ripples.
While the orbiting probes are observing the surface of Mars from above, the robotic rovers are observing the terrain directly from the surface of Mars, where all rovers are focusing and intensifying their search for any ancient trace of life on the Red Planet.

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