NASA Gives Out ‘Free Tickets’ Again to Mars


United States Space Agency (NASA) re-share ‘free tickets‘again to Earth citizens who want to go to Mars. The order for the boarding pass has been opened and will be sent to Red Planet.

The free ticket is in the form of a boarding pass, where you can order your name to be brought by NASA to Mars. It looks like a public transportation ticket, except that you can only include the name, not including the person.

NASA plans to send a mission to Mars around 2025. It is not yet known which spacecraft NASA is preparing to carry the names of these Earth citizens. Even so, the space agency opened the order for boarding passes in advance.

To get free tickets to Mars here, you just have to visit their page. Then register yourself in the form of an identity, starting from your name, surname, zip code, and email address.

So far, Saturday (6/3/2021) morning there have been 11.2 million names who made reservations from various countries. The United States (US) has the most with 2,247 million names, then the Philippines with 2,200 million names, Great Britain with 933 thousand names, Italy with 614 thousand names, to Indonesia with 255 thousand names.

NASA is back distributing ‘free tickets’ again to Earth citizens who want to go to Mars. Photo: NASA

Quoted from the website NASA, the opening of the ‘free ticket’ order to Planet Mars This is because when the Mars 2020 mission on the Perseverance rover carried 10.9 million names on it, there were still many enthusiasts who wanted to bring their names to the neighboring planet Earth.

Seeing this high enthusiasm, NASA finally reopened this program. The names that have been ordered, will be stored in a microchip, then fly to Mars.

Until recently, booking ‘free tickets’ to Mars still open and no closing date yet. NASA says the closings will be announced along with the missions that fly the names.

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