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NASA Insight landed on Mars in 2018. Its mission is to detect the operation of the Martian core. With NASA’s announcement of the latest discoveries about the Martian core, it proves that the Insight project’s efforts have not been in vain.

NASA has now been able to map the internal structure of Mars and highlight the main differences and similarities between Mars and the Earth. This is the first time that a scholar has successfully mapped the internal layered structure of a planet other than the Earth. Compared with the Earth, Mars’ The crust seems to be thicker, the mantle layer is thinner, the core is larger, and the density is less dense but more than scientists expected. The results of the study also indicate that Mars is likely to be formed millions of years earlier than the earth, possibly even before the sun is fully formed.

Other data found that although Mars has frequent earthquakes, it does not have any earthquakes that exceed the Richter scale. The diameter of the innermost core of Mars is estimated to be about 2,275 miles, which is much larger than the initial estimate of scientists. In addition, the composition of the mantle of Mars is also different from that of the Earth, indicating that the two planets were formed of completely different materials when they were formed, and explaining why scientists could not observe tectonic plates on Mars.

The latest detailed findings not only help NASA understand the interior of Mars, but also help understand the formation of other planets in space. Other information about Mars will be announced in due course. Interested readers may wish to continue to pay attention.

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