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Recently, NASA conducted a launch mission at the Vandenberg Space Base to test a technology that can de-orbit dangerous asteroids. The program is called the “Double Asteroid Redirection Test”. The spacecraft was launched on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. It is expected to crash into a spacecraft named “From September 26 to October 1 next year. The asteroid companion of “Dimorphos”. To test the feasibility of changing the asteroid’s orbital path, this technology may be the hope of saving mankind from the end of the world.

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The scientific community has always believed that the impact of asteroids on the Earth is the killer of many species extinctions. Scientists estimate that if an asteroid with a diameter of more than 1 km hits the Earth, it will cause a global disaster. In recent years, scientists have begun to propose active attacks. Before the planet is threatened, blow it up first, or hit it to change its orbital path, so as to avoid disaster.

This time, the $325 million Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) probe will crash into the “Dimorphos” asteroid at a speed of 6.6 kilometers per second. It is expected to change the orbit of the latter by about 1%, which seems to be very small. , But from the scale of the universe, it is enough to stagger the orbit of the object from the orbit of the earth.

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Reporter: Zheng Riling

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