Nasrallah embarrasses Basil for the presidency…and draws his “red lines” for remote negotiation with the army chief!

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, by setting the conditions book for the future president of the Lebanese Republic, anticipated the convening of the sixth parliamentary session scheduled for next Thursday to elect him, which carried the specifications that he must abide by so that the resistance would be reassuring to him, and not be stabbed in the back, or sold in response. The request of the United States of America, which qualifies the army, he said, to enter into a confrontation with it, despite his praise of its leadership, officers and soldiers for all of them rejecting the idea of ​​confrontation.

The specifications that Nasrallah listed in his last speech are nothing but a “conditions book” directed directly, according to a prominent source in the opposition, to the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, whose name is frequent on the Arab and international levels as the presidential candidate from outside the ongoing race between the traditional candidates. For this position, even though he did not nominate himself, like the candidates who have not yet formally launched their candidacy, as if they were waiting for the start of the international movement, which has not yet matured, to form a lever for the completion of the presidential election to block the extension of the vacancy in the First Presidency for a long time.

The specifications that Nasrallah included in his last speech are nothing but a “conditions book” directed directly to the army commander, whose name is frequent on the Arab and international levels as the compromise candidate for the presidency.

The source in the opposition points out that Nasrallah, although he praised the role of the army leadership and the courtship of the military establishment in terms of its refusal to enter into a confrontation with the resistance, at the same time he did not hide his concerns and fears in the event of the election of a president who would stab the resistance in the back in response to Washington’s request in this regard.

He says that the mere link between his praise of the military establishment and his fears lies in the fact that he is already looking forward to drawing his “red lines” for the future President of the Republic, and it is not permissible for him to sew them as a condition to reassure the resistance.

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He asserts that Nasrallah took the initiative to raise his political ceiling, which suggests the belief that he is sending a message to the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, as one of the most prominent presidential candidates from outside the traditional team, as a step on the path to negotiation with him in the event that his election became a fait accompli that could block the way for a leader to be nominated. The “Marada” movement, former MP Suleiman Franjieh, especially since the specifications he painted for the president apply from his point of view on his ally Franjieh, and this explains his insistence on persuading his other ally, Gibran Bassil, to vacate the competition arena for him to stand by him.

The same source believes that Nasrallah today, in the political sense of the word, changed Nasrallah yesterday when, since 2014, he led the battle to make General Michel Aoun president of the republic, and participated mainly in disrupting the election sessions until he ensured his victory in 2016. He says that Nasrallah insisted on his election Today, he is obliged to deal flexibly with the change in the balance of power in Parliament, and this is what prompted him to raise the ceiling of his political conditions because he anticipates the possibility of not delivering Franjieh to the first presidency.

He believes that what concerns Nasrallah and worries him about the change in the balance of power is not related to Hezbollah’s weapons, but rather to moving this weapon without coordination with the state, based on reaching a defensive strategy for its organization. lest the party be alone in making decisions in peace and war without returning to the central Lebanese authority, and revealing that the party is aware from now that there is difficulty in including the triad of people, the army and the resistance in the core of the ministerial statement of the future government, and that the way out is to provide protection for its weapons, and this is what it envisaged from Specifications put forward in his last speech.

The same source confirms that Nasrallah wants to extract from the new president of the republic his prior approval by pledging not to prejudice the resistance’s weapon, especially in terms of moving it without coordination with the state as an alternative to including the “army, people and resistance” trilogy in the ministerial statement, even if Franjieh was elected president.

Nasrallah wants to extract from the new President of the Republic his prior approval by pledging not to harm the resistance’s weapon, especially in terms of moving it without coordination with the state.

He asks about the reasons behind the party providing the political cover for the completion of the maritime border demarcation agreement between Lebanon and Israel with American mediation, and with the tacit approval of Iran, the French President Emmanuel Macron had a role in convincing it of the necessity of giving the green light for its completion and not providing it to overcome the obstacles to electing a President of the Republic?

The opposition source calls on Hezbollah to deal realistically with the change in the balance of power in Parliament, which will take the country to a new political stage other than that stage throughout the presidency of its ally Aoun, which led to the collapse of the country and its descent into total destruction politically, economically and socially, and therefore it is assumed that it deals realistically Because the previous stage was a burden on him, criticizing at the same time Nasrallah’s betrayal of the October 17, 2019 uprising, instead of dealing with its real forces openly.

On the other hand, a prominent political source who constantly accompanies Hezbollah’s leadership confirms that Nasrallah is open to the army chief, and deals with him as one of the candidates for the presidency, but rather from a position of political distances between them>

He says that he intended, through the specifications he set for the future president, to open the door to direct dialogue between them, which, from the party’s point of view, constitutes the first breakthrough for negotiations.

He points out that there is no truth to what he was saying that Nasrallah wants, through his openness to the army chief, despite the distance between them, to shake the stick at Bassil on the pretext that there is no objection to an understanding with him, and this is what worries the leader of the “Free Patriotic Movement”, which gives priority to electing any candidate to the presidency, with the exception of General Aoun, because with his arrival he will push towards destabilizing the situation within his partisans and his supporters who sympathize with him.

The same source says that Nasrallah does not have to shake the stick at Bassil as long as he is still betting on his support for Franjieh, and that communication between them has not been interrupted, and adds that he was frank to the extreme with Basil in their last meeting by telling him that his chances of reaching the presidency are almost non-existent. To a large extent, it is preferable for him to be a partner in the election of Franjieh, on the background of providing him with political guarantees.

Accordingly, Nasrallah is pursuing in persuading Basil to withdraw the veto over Franjieh’s candidacy, the policy of the long-term; Because he is keen to observe it, although Bassil, as the same source says, is taking advantage of the party’s need for its political cover, but he cannot all the time say no to his ally, and he will have to reconsider his accounts, even after a long wait.

He believed that Nasrallah’s praise of the former President of the Republic is nothing but a payment on the account in compensation for his political services to the party, and for the positions he took in support of him during the intensification of campaigns against him.

Finally, the next election session will end with what its predecessors ended with, with a difference due to the fact that the small parliamentary blocs or those that classify themselves as being outside the political alignments are approaching disintegration in batches, while the “Strong Lebanon” bloc headed by Basil remains steadfast, albeit temporarily, until When he was forced to enter into naming his presidential candidate, which would result in some deputies having to take up positions elsewhere, although the same source, although it is unlikely that Nasrallah wanted to shake the stick at Bassil, he does not mind dealing on this basis to push him to soften his position, which constitutes a barrier. To endorse Franjieh’s candidacy to the public.

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