Nasrallah’s words expose Basil.. Read what was said!

It seemed clear that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, attributed the completion of the maritime border demarcation with Israel to himself and his party, while declaring himself the “master” of the equation of the “Qana gas field versus the Karish field”, making Hezbollah as if it were under its command militarily and in Equations installation step.

In his speech, yesterday, Saturday, from “Forum de Beirut” on the anniversary of October 13, Bassil said: “When I put on May 21, 2022 the formula that “there is no gas from Karish without gas from Qana” – where were they? God) Mr. Hassan Nasrallah then established this equation with the strength of the resistance, its missiles and its marches, and where were they? They became afraid of the war and accused him of causing it!

In his words, Bassil tried to portray Nasrallah as an “attachment” to him, considering that the latter had adopted the “Qana-Karesh” formula that he launched, but at the same time he “reformed the situation” when he acknowledged “the strength of the resistance, its missiles, and its marches.”

What Basil said was heard by political circles close to the “Shiite duo”, as they expressed their astonishment at what Basil said, and told“Lebanon 24”He said: “Let him say what he wants, but the equation is fixed and the achievement cannot be for one party at the expense of another. What Basil did completely hits the spirit of unity that was manifested in the file demarcation of the borders, and the three presidents were sticking to it regardless of any equations.”

And she continued, “Lebanon took the Qana field according to Line 23 and not according to Basil’s equation. Also, what the latter said is not true, because Nasrallah did not adopt that equation, and as a reminder, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah said last July: The new equation is Karish and beyond Karish. And what comes after Karish… I don’t say Karish and Qana… The issue for me is much bigger than this.”

According to the sources, “Basil has inserted himself into political narcissism that made him feel high with a victory that is not his,” and she added: “Nasrallah’s words are quite clear, and it seems that Basil does not read or hear well, but rather understands what he wants and distorts speech based on his political interests, and this is what happened “.

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