Nasser Elneny: There must be a study on Muhammad..and he is a legend

Nasser El-Nenny, the father of the Egyptian professional at Arsenal, sees his son, Mohamed El-Neny, as a legend, and there must be a study about him.

Nasser El-Nani said, during an intervention on the Zamalek satellite channel: “Mohamed is a legend, and there must be a study about him. He sat 10 matches, returned and played two matches, one of the best for him in his career.”

Regarding the file of his son’s renewal of his contract with Arsenal, Nasser Al-Nini replied: Arteta spoke himself and said they will sit with Muhammad for renewal, Muhammad Al-Nini is one of the best defenders in the world and the Arsenal fans love him and I watched it myself.” For Arteta’s full statements .. Press here

Nasser El-Nini concluded his statements by saying: “He spoke with Mohamed and I told him that there are no words to describe my happiness with him after his participation. I will travel to him after Eid and he must be supported by all professionals abroad, Mohamed Salah, Trezeguet and all of them.”

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