Natalia Duco became a mother for the first time

Today is a special day for Natalia Duco, who announced through her Instagram account that she became a mother for the first time.

Since announcing her pregnancy, the athlete has not stopped sharing publications about its progress, until the day finally arrived and we were all able to meet Luciano.

“This is Lucianito. The love of my life, the happiest day of @rafabuenodiaz and mine. Weighed 4.105kg, 50cm tall at 38 +5 weeks “he wrote at the beginning of the post.

“I DON’T HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL MORE THAN HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT. All good thanks to God. It was a caesarean section because I was in a podal position, my child did not turn around” added.

Check out his post below:

Natalia Duco and her nice message

A few days ago Natalia Duco made an emotional message just days after becoming a mother, a day that finally came true.

“Enjoying my guatita of 38 weeks and 4 days that there is nothing left for Luciano to be born. Has it happened to moms that they still feel sorry for thinking that it will no longer be inside of you, that you will miss your belly and that being pregnant is beautiful, intense, powerful? “Natalia Duco began reflecting.

In turn, the winner of the cooking show, said that after pregnancy she considers that “You are not the same as before. Not physically, not emotionally and less psychologically. There is a profound transformation of all aspects of the human being and that affects all aspects of the person, of the woman ”, continued in the text.

“On a psychological level it is so powerful that later I will only talk about the psychological aspects of pregnancy in a post. Do they think the same as me? “ Natalia asked, in order to create a space for conversation with her followers regarding her experience of being a mother.

Finally, Natalia wrote that becoming a mother is the greatest test she has ever had in her life. “I think the biggest and most beautiful challenge for me is this. Everything that has happened has only shaped me as a human being, as an athlete, as students, as a cook, as a woman to be a good mother “, he concluded.

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