Natalia Paris responds to criticism after suggesting chlorine dioxide to prevent COVID-19

Natalia Paris
He has been in the eye of the hurricane for several days after he posted on his social networks suggest that chlorine dioxide works to prevent COVID-19
, something that experts have flatly denied.

Paris maintained: “In my social networks I have never advertised, promoted, promoted or commercialized the chlorine dioxide product. Since January 25, the mass media have been affirming such a position, which is not true “.

According to the DJ, she invited a follower to investigate such a substance. “Exercise which I did, but in the middle of the task I found that the product does not have a sanitary license and sales authorization.”

Natalia Paris insisted that the comment on Instagram was deleted after the order he received from the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

“It is essential to be clear that we should consume products with a sanitary registration or Invima registration, follow their recommendations and abide by the measures, “he added.

Experts have insisted on not self-medicating, much less believing in treatments against COVID-19
, since these have not been endorsed by the World Health Organization.

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