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Nathalia Romero and angelic magic

This energy expert and spiritual “coach” tells how she developed the theme of numerology and reveals when she created the place “An angel for me”.

Nathalia Romero says that angels' messages are always positive and that they respect the free will of human beings.  / Private file

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Nathalia Romero says that angels’ messages are always positive and that they respect the free will of human beings. / Private file

Nathalia Romero says that angels’ messages are always positive and that they respect the free will of human beings. / Private file

What is angelic numerology all about?

It is about understanding that numbers and numerical sequences are signals that angels and beings of light send you so that you remember that they are with you, but above all so that you speak to them and ask them for what you need to deliver so much to heaven. At this point it is important to understand that if you see a number several times, check in your heart that you are living at that moment; For example, whenever I see the number 1, I think of my ex, what he means is that the number 1 for you can become a signal for you to start a healing process.

How did the interest in angels begin?

From a very young age I was interested in this subject, but I did not know how to study it, so I started reading and looking for information, because it was a subject that I was passionate about. However, once I read a book that changed my life, because just at that moment I decided to put into practice all the magic that angels have for us, and it was there that I said: “I love this subject, I am passionate about it”.

What kinds of messages do angels give people?

They are always positive messages, full of life, motivation and love. They are responsible for bringing a hopeful and very positive message, but very real, to the people who attend a therapy with me, clarifying that it is completely integral, since we talk about angels, energy and coaching even conflict resolution, everything that I have studied and what I perceive to carry a message of love. It is important to note that I am characterized by empowering people, making them understand that it is possible, that you have the reins of your life, that only you are capable of choosing the life you have, want and dream of.

How did the idea of ​​”An angel for me” come about?

About three years ago, when I was practicing my profession as a lawyer, I had an urge and a call to my heart to start talking about angels, to expand this topic, but to combine it with a purpose for each of the people I met in my life. Just one day, during a trip, I knelt in the bathroom and asked them to tell me if it was that way (since I had to make a momentous decision to quit my job as a lawyer), and when I got up, I found that at the door Of wood, two wings with a heart were drawn (the logo of An angel for me) and they were typical of the grain of the door. It was just at that moment when I understood that it was there and that is how this initiative was born.

What is the mission of “An Angel For Me”?

Wow, this is one of the hardest questions he’s ever asked me. I still believe that the mission is being shown to me, what for now I am clear is that An angel for me comes to help others, to make the world understand that we all have light and shadow, that you can bring out the best in you, understanding your body and your energy as a whole, but above all it is decisive to know that the mission of an angel for me is to heal and work from the essence of the heart with each of the people who approach me.

How to recognize the signs of angels?

The most important thing is that you believe in angels and open yourself to the signs they have for you. They are always guiding you, what happens is that they respect your free will and they will never force you to make one or another decision. The signs, as soon as they reach you, you will understand them. What happens is that sometimes we let the ego and fear enter, and we contaminate those signals that they have for us.

What is empowerment for you?

Empowerment for me is when you feel so happy and successful with what you do, that you manage to click with your life purpose. It’s when you become unstoppable because you were finally able to align your head, your heart, and your actions, and this applies to everything in your life. It is right there where you feel so empowered that when this magic happens, with God and your angels in your heart, you simply become empowered and ungovernable.

What message can you give to our readers at this time?

Open yourself to the magic of miracles, remembering that faith without actions are simply mere illusions. Do not stay in the past, that this brings you sadness and pain; but not in the future either, which gives you anxiety. Live one day at a time, but with all the strength of your heart. And think about this: if you were not afraid and knew that God and your angels are accompanying you in this process of your life, what would you do?

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