Nathalie Béasse, the theater a formidable link to life

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Last program of the season, Jean-François Cadet receives Nathalie Béasse for his moving creation “those-who-go-against-the-wind” to be discovered at the Cloître des Carmes. And the successful duo Benoît Solès and Tristan Petitgirard who tell about Jack London in “La Maison du Loup” to see at the Théâtre le Chêne Noir.

What’s great about a festival like Avignon is that you can immerse yourself just by crossing a street in very different worlds. Today, we will first awaken all his senses, open up to emotions, and become one with the singular and poetic universe of Nathalie Béasse. She presents until Tuesday July 13 at the Cloître des Carmes as part of the Festival In d’Avignon her creation “those-who-go-against-the-wind”.

Then, we will watch Jack London toast in “La Maison du Loup” at the Théâtre du Chêne Noir, and leave with Benoît Solès and Tristan Petitgirard in the Klondike or on the assault on the seas. A play that takes us “Meet Jack London”, who remains the most widely read American writer in the world.


The choreographer Maguy Marin continues her socially engaged work, and this time offers us a journey through time, in Greek Antiquity, to take a new look at the construction of our systems of domination. The title of this piece sounds like an invitation: “Go see it more closely”. Fanny Bleichner tried the experiment.

Still in the OFF, Alexandra Jaegy was interested in the piece ” Negro blood » at the Théâtre des Barriques returns after its success in 2018. The director Khadija El Mahdi adapts this short story by Laurent Gaudé with the actor Bruno Bernardin, alone on stage. A story of slavery in the streets of Saint Malo in Brittany, a large 18th century slave port. .


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