Nathalie Holscher Confesses the Hardness of Being a Connected Mother, Aurel Tells Ashanty’s Attitude


Every mother has a different parenting style. Meanwhile, not all children are able to accept it well. This is a challenge for continuing parents, as experienced by Nathalie Holscher.

The mother of 5 children had to adapt and get to know her children after becoming Sule’s wife. Recently, she shared her parenting experience with Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar.

While talking to the couple, Nathalie Holscher said it was hard being a surrogate mother to Sule’s children. He also asked Aurel about Ashanty’s attitude and upbringing as a mother, he continued.



Like Nathalie, it turns out that Ashanty also has challenges when it comes to raising extended children. Moreover, at that time Aurel and Azriel were still children. Even when they were adults, they often quarreled.

“I’ve ever had a fight with Mother. There was a big fight in Bali, until I almost got kicked out because his account was already rebellious. His cheeks were in a (neutral) position in the middle. Azriel said, ‘Sis, it’s okay, it’s not right, brother, it’s wrong. ‘,” Aurel said on the channel YouTube AH.

Aurel then reflected and reflected on his mistakes. Meanwhile, Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah also discussed with each other to find a way out.

“I’m with Ziel in the room, Pipi and Mother in the room maybe they are too Chat. I know the position of a father is a bit heavy,” said Aurel.

“Because both are girls, fragile,” continued Atta.

Even so, Aurel said that Ashanty was a strict mother figure and did not hesitate to be fierce to the children. Aurel judged the mother as a fussy woman.

“If you are more fussy. You say that if I don’t reply to chat for just one second, you can be told not to go away for another month. So when I go I always hold my cellphone. Mother said, in just one second, something can happen,” he said.

Nevertheless, Aurel is grateful to have a continued mother like Ashanty. This is because Ashanty’s nagging attitude becomes a fence and protects him from falling into the wrong path.

“Well, it can’t be helped. At first it was like Oh my God, I just went to the toilet. Then I got bullied so I can’t lie. But that’s good, if for example I don’t digituin maybe I messed up the shape is not clear,” said Aurel.

Atta Halilintar also praised Ashanty’s courageous attitude towards children. According to him, a fussy and chatty attitude should stick to the mother figure.

Even so, Nathalie Holscher has a different attitude when dealing with the Sule children. Especially for Putri Delina and Rizky Febian who are adults. Read on the next page.

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