Nathalie, the owner of the Gilly plane destroyed by the flames on Tuesday evening, calls for witnesses with “big reward” to the key

Nathalie Mauramati is devastated. She is the owner of the plane that will have made young and old dream come true for many years: theAirbus from Gilly. In the fire that took him Tuesday evening, it is also “a life of work” which went up in smoke.

The circumstances of the fire are still to be determined, but this Wednesday, the Charleroi prosecutor’s office indicated that it would rather be a man-made fire, the place being “often squatted”.

► Nathalie does not think that the squatters are at the origin of this immense blaze: she explains why.

► It evokes other tracks
: “Several witnesses said having seen them… »

► The owner launches a call for witnesses and promises a “nice reward”: the Charleroi prosecutor’s office calls for moderation.


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