Nathan Clumeck (ULB): “With the variants of the virus, we have to go for emergency vaccination”

Nathan Clumeck, professor of infectious diseases at ULB and CHU Saint-Pierre, was the guest of the Grand Oral RTBF / Le Soir this Saturday, January 16 on La Première.

Nathan Clumeck is professor of infectious diseases at ULB and CHU Saint-Pierre. As such, he gives us his opinion on the current management of the coronavirus, starting with vaccination.

“The variants, especially the Brazilian variant, are bad news, and the epidemic is exploding in some European countries. We must go into emergency mode with the vaccination. It means clarifying the priorities. The strategy can be improved. We are in a shortage of doses. The question is whether to keep the second dose of vaccine in reserve. My answer is no. Of course, we are reviewing the protocol. But we are not in a normal situation. This is the state of emergency. Then those who have been affected by the virus before and have antibodies should not be vaccinated right away and wait a little while. There are very readily available seroprevalence tests. ”

But for him, despite this increased vaccination campaign across the world, the virus will not be eradicated for all that. “The virus is not going to go away with vaccinations. We will end up in a state of endemicity. It will continue to circulate. So until we hit numbers, which have otherwise been arbitrarily set, are we going to continue to keep everything closed? Nathan Clumeck wonders, dubious about the current situation.

Sectors that are suffering Particularly with regard to the field of culture, which according to him is wrongly left behind. “We also know that many theaters have implemented drastic measures. Change the mask when you arrive in the room, enter with different flows, keep a space of three meters between people, and apply a gauge which makes it possible not to exceed a certain number of people depending on the volume, with also ventilation with a filter… And despite everything, what are we being told today? No, no show, ”he laments.

But despite everything, for this professor of infectious diseases, there are solutions for certain sectors in distress. “And for, for example, the hospitality industry, we can imagine investments at the local level. For each restaurant, according to a visit from an architect, an engineer, on the measures to be taken, with air quality measurements. So that you can go to a restaurant to eat without the risk of getting infected. And I think that the city of Brussels will take an initiative to go in this direction. ”


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