National Academy of Medicine: We observe with concern massive campaign acts without respecting biosafety regulations

The National Academy of Medicine on Tuesday made a call for attention to political actors and organizations that will participate in the November 21 elections, because they observe “with concern” massive campaign acts “without respecting” biosecurity standards against covid. Earlier, the Chavista Rafael Lacava carried out massive acts and without distancing in Carabobo state, where most are seen without wearing masks despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization indicates through a “Public statement to Politicians in Campaign. The National Academy of Medicine (ANM), responsibly makes an alert call to all politicians who intervene and will intervene in proselytizing events with a view to promoting their candidacies. We observe with concern how massive events are being carried out without respecting biosafety norms, nor taking into account the low vaccination coverage of the Venezuelan population, and added to this, the arrival of the delta strain of SARS-CoV-2 in our country ” .

“Some candidates, in addition to holding this type of concentration, without respecting biosafety regulations, have very close contact with the attendees (kisses, hugs), thus violating the physical distancing that should govern these types of events, even if they are outdoors. . To justify this irresponsible behavior, they claim to be vaccinated, for which we remind them that the vaccine does not prevent them from becoming infected or infecting other people, it only helps that, in case of getting sick, the evolution is less serious, “they explain.

Finally, they point out that “for the above reasons, from the ANM we call on the political parties, the candidates and the entities responsible for governing the election process and granting the corresponding permits for this type of activity, to think about the security of the citizens, who aspire to lead, and thus show that they are truly committed to the future of their constituents ”.

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