national campaign against landmines

Oman has taken steps to control the increasing number of minnows in the country. For this, Oman is preparing for national level publicity activities. The Ministry of Environment of Oman stated that apart from landmines, crows and pigeons are increasing in numbers in the country. (national campaign against landmines)

The government has announced that it will initiate strong measures to control them from next month. The campaign is being organized by the Oman Environment Authority. The ministry said minnows pose a threat to agriculture by destroying crops and destroy the country’s unique plants and seeds.

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There are also reports that such birds spread diseases and pose a threat to the hygiene of the country. Mynas also pose challenges in the country by eating bees and destroying other bird nests. The government of Oman has come forward with a move to control the birds, noting that the increase in mynas poses a threat to the country’s environment.

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