National Football Anti-epidemic Officer: To fulfill the promise to return home safely, everyone sacrificed a lot of freedom in exchange

Original title: National Football Anti-epidemic Officer: Delivering on the promise to return home safely, everyone sacrificed a lot of freedom in exchange for

At 00:20 in the morning Beijing time, the Chinese national men’s football team all arrived at the Suzhou resident hotel and began to conduct a centralized quarantine in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations.

Various media have also reported on the long-term closed overseas training of the National Football Team, and the players and some staff have also expressed great pressure. Some even showed war exhaustion. Regarding the national football epidemic prevention work, the Football Association’s epidemic prevention officer Qi Jun expressed his views.

Qi Jun wrote: It can be regarded as fulfilling the promise made before departure: take everyone home safe and healthy! This trip, as the epidemic prevention officer of the Chinese team, may sometimes be uncomfortable in terms of epidemic prevention and control, but all this is for everyone to fight for the game and finally return home safely and healthily. It is not easy. This is also the strict implementation of epidemic prevention outside. Measures, sacrificed a lot of freedom in exchange for…Return to Sohu to see more


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