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The National Games “Sports Lottery +” Combines New Wonders in Fitness

Release time: 2021-09-24
Source: China Sports News
Author: Zhang Xiaoke Guo Zhaoyu


This year, taking the 14th National Games as an opportunity, sports lottery innovatively launched the “National Games Sports Lottery” theme activities and sports lottery cheering group activities, further implementing the concept of the National Games, creating a strong atmosphere of the National Games, focusing on “sports lottery”. With the power of “+”, more new trends and new excitements in national fitness have been facilitated.

Sports Lottery has set off an immersive sports storm combining fun and technology in Hangzhou and Xi’an through the elaborately-built “National Games Sports Lottery” theme activities, providing more people with a stage to participate in sports and fitness and stimulate sports enthusiasm. Let more people feel the joy of healthy exercise. The event is closely linked to the competitions of the 14th National Games, not only promoting the National Games, but also showing the public welfare results of sports lottery, leading the national sports boom and creating a new fashion for national fitness.

In addition, the sports lottery organization charity cheer group went to the scene to watch the 14th National Games events, visited the sports lottery charity achievements on the spot, and relived the memory of the red revolution. By allowing the public to witness the public welfare process of sports lottery, highlight the charity attributes of sports lottery, discover more “sports lottery +” power, profoundly interpret sports lottery responsibility and the concept of public welfare, and physically act to increase the glory of the National Games.

After experiencing the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the methods and contents of national fitness are facing new situations and new requirements. In the upsurge of the Fourteenth National Games, sports lottery launched a series of “sports lottery, more than sports” activities to interpret the new concept of “sports lottery for the national games”, and also injected new impetus into national fitness and continued to write new excitement.

In the 27 years since the Chinese Sports Lottery was issued, it has raised more than 600 billion yuan in public welfare funds, making important contributions to social welfare and sports, continuously promoting the popularization and development of national fitness, and consolidating the cornerstone of a sports power.

This year is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. In the future, sports lottery will continue to promote the in-depth integration of national fitness and national health, and contribute to the road to a healthy China. (Reproduced from the 08 edition of China Sports Daily on September 24)

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