National Games Zheng Nina wins the heptathlon, Zhu Yaming misses the medal in triple jump

Original title: National Games Zheng Nina won the heptathlon and Zhu Yaming missed the medal in the triple jump

On the sixth day of the National Games track and field competition, the women’s heptathlon Zheng Ninali won the championship, the men’s triple jump, the Tokyo Olympic runner-up Zhu Yaming only finished fifth, and Wu Ruiting won the championship. In the men’s discus, Xinjiang’s Abduaini Turgon won the gold medal. In the men’s and women’s 3000-meter obstacle course, Shandong’s Xu Pengcheng and Gansu’s Zhang Xinyan won the championship respectively. The men’s and women’s 4*400m relay, Sichuan team and Hunan team won the championship.

The women’s heptathlon, representing the Shanxi team, Zheng Ninali, ran the 100-meter hurdle in 13 seconds and 56 seconds, jumped over the 1.70 bar in the high jump, shot throw distance of 13 meters 64, 200 meters in 24 seconds 86 to finish the race , Long jump and Javelin scores were 6 meters 09 and 44 meters 38,800 meters in 2 minutes 19 seconds 48. In the end, Zheng Nina won the championship with 6026 points, Sichuan’s Ren Shimei got the runner-up with 5791 points, and Fujian’s Wang Qingling was third with 5560 points.

In the men’s triple jump, Tokyo Olympic runner-up Zhu Yaming performed poorly, jumping only 16 meters and 56 to rank fifth. Wu Ruiting won the championship with a score of 17.28 meters, Fang Yaoqing won the second place with 17 meters and 04, and Li Pangshuai won the third place with 16 meters and 86 meters. In the men’s discus final, Xinjiang’s Abduaini Turgon threw 60 meters 58 to win the championship, Shandong’s Sun Shichen 58 meters 06 won the runner-up, Hebei’s Ma Shitu 57 meters 89 ranked third.

In the men’s 3000m hurdle final, Shandong’s Xu Pengcheng won the championship in 8 minutes 46.97. Tibet player Tashi Tsering won the runner-up in 8 minutes 49.61, and Jiangsu player Wang Jinzheng ranked third in 8 minutes 50.11.

In the women’s 3000-meter hurdle final, Zhang Xinyan, a Gansu contestant, won the championship with a time of 9 minutes 26.63. This National Games won two gold medals in the 3000-meter obstacle and 5000 meters. Shanghai’s Xu Shuangshuang won the runner-up in 9 minutes 31.67, and Yunnan’s Luo Xia won the third place in 9 minutes 41.36.

In the men’s 4*400m relay final, the Sichuan team composed of Mu Chunjun, Luo Hao, Fan Tianrui and Yang Lei won the championship in 3:04.27. The Tianjin team achieved a reversal with the wonderful performance of the fourth stick Ju Tianqi, running at 3:05.02 and won the runner-up, and the Shandong team won the third place at 3:05.53.

In the women’s 4*400m relay final, the Hunan team composed of He Ke, Liao Mengxue, Huang Guifen and Tong Zeng Huan won the championship with a time of 3:30.21.21. The Sichuan team won the runner-up at 3:33.12, and the Guangxi team ranked third at 3:33.76.Return to Sohu to see more


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