National Mobilization for President’s Resignation: Opposition Calls for Massive Protest

2023-06-08 17:37:30


After the day of marches in favor of the president, a mobilization was called for the resignation of the president.


On June 7, a day of demonstrations promoted by President Gustavo Petro took place, which was marked by the speech that the president gave in the center of Bogotá in relation to support for the reforms, the last scandals of his term and attacking the press again. In response, the opposition called to take to the streets the next day.

“ATTENTION. I call for a national park mega-march to Plaza de Bolívar this Thursday, June 8 at 10 am and until Petro RESIGNS. Across the country we will go out! RT This drug government must end! @petrogustavo must GIVE UP. We will stay in the street! #PetroRenuncia8junio”, indicated the businessman on his Twitter account.

“This is an ultimatum, the warning voice for us to take to the streets en masse, but let’s not leave the place where we take to the streets. We are going to stay in the streets from this June 8th. Because Petro was financed by drug traffickers, presumably, ”he initially indicated.

This call is the prelude to the demonstration by various opposition politicians, which will take place on June 20 under the name of The March of the Majority.

In this way, the authorities reported that there are complications in the NQS with 45th street north-south direction and in 26th street with carrera 37 east-west direction. To ease traffic congestion, they ask to take alternate routes along 26th Street to the West (Av. Américas to the West, 36th Street to the North, 24th Street to the West, 40th Street to the North and resume 26th Street to the West). In addition, they recommend taking Calle 53 to the west and Carrera 50 to the south.

There have been no alterations in mobilization. The authorities do not report obstacles on the road nor a high influx of citizens demonstrating.

The concentration point will be at 10:00 am in the National Park. It is expected that from that time the mobilization to the Plaza de Bolívar will begin.

Opposition reactions to Gustavo Petro’s controversial speech

Around noon on the day of demonstrations on June 7, The head of state went out to accompany the demonstrators when they arrived at the Plaza de Bolívar, giving an effusive speech that gave people something to talk about. On the one hand, he thanked the presence of the people who went out to march in the streets, indicating that social support is not lost as, according to him, the opposition wanted to demonstrate.

In the first place, he affirmed that ‘they want to destroy the president’, referring to the attempts that have been made to sink and discredit the reforms that took root in Congress. In the same way, he reiterated that a ‘white coup’ is being formed against his management to remove him from office.

The attack on the press occurred against this journalistic house, indicating that “Semana orders and the CTI obeys.” Faced with this matter, Petro referred to the scandal revealed by the telephone interceptions, which removed Laura Sarabia and Armando Benedetti from their respective positions. Likewise, he pointed out that from his management they have nothing to hide. Added to this, he reiterated that the press hates the vice president because of her skin color, stating that the people do not want a Colombia that goes back to slavery.

Another of the various aspects referred to in the speech was the subject of telephone hacks. Petro assured that no one is intercepted in his government, being a lie woven by the political machine and the press.

Obviously, the president’s words did not go unnoticed and generated a wave of criticism from the opposition and other political sectors. The senator of the Democratic Center, María Fernanda Cabal, indicated that her speech fully portrays the Government.

“Petro, in his incendiary speech, once again revealed his desire to give guarantees to criminal and terrorist groups, which means taking away the rights of victims,” ​​declared the senator. In addition, she pointed out that the accusations exposed against WEEK is to put journalists in danger.

In the same way, the also congresswoman Paloma Valencia spoke about the controversial speech of the head of state, particularly because of the various remarks he made. “Very serious for a president to attack the media, opposition leaders, watchdogs and the judiciary,” she said.

Miguel Uribe also criticized the president’s words. “This is how dictatorships begin, persecuting the media and ending press freedom,” the senator tweeted as he showed his solidarity against the press, “This government puts democracy at risk and is destroying institutions. Let’s defend democracy.”

On the other hand, Jote Pe Hernández was present at the demonstration gathered in the Plaza de Bolívar. Through a video posted on his social networks, he pointed out that the march is legitimate, just like the one that will take place on June 20.

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