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National News Agency – Talal Hammoud discussed with the coordinator of the Civil Campaign to Protect Marine Resources in the South, the organization of the campaign’s activities

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NNA – The coordinator of the Forum for Dialogue and Giving Without Borders and the coordinator of the national campaign for pressure to amend Decree 6433, Dr. Talal Hammoud, announced that he had discussed in a telephone conversation with the coordinator of the civil campaign to protect marine wealth in the south, Dr. Hani Suleiman, about organizing the activities, needs and objectives of this campaign,” noting that “the aim of Behind this communication is coordinating the steps and providing full support for this campaign and knowing more details about it. Especially as it comes in light of a delicate internal Lebanon timing that is full of imminent and dangerous entitlements, and in a very critical Israeli, regional and international timing on all levels.

He stressed “the well-established national constants in this field and striving by all means to demand adherence to all the fixed and affirmed Lebanese rights up to the 29th line, and not only until the 23rd line with the supposed “Qana” field,” noting that “this line is our documented legitimate right as confirmed by several International and even Israeli studies and documents, as well as studies of the hydrography department in the Lebanese Army,” warning of “the consequences of failing us once again in managing the affairs of this file by the authority’s staff, and we call on them not to compromise at all in it, regardless of the circumstances and pressures.”

He continued, “Supporting the Sunday campaign is a national duty par excellence for all those who are keen to defend the interests and rights of Lebanon,” noting that “the campaign needs financial support first, which is the backbone of this costly movement, as well as for all moral and media support and for all kinds of mobilization and mobilization in order to make this national step a success. mighty one.”

He concluded: “In the name of the Forum for Dialogue and Giving Without Borders, and in the name of the national campaign to pressure to amend Decree 6433, we invite all able friends to support this campaign by communicating directly with its coordinator, Dr. Hani Suleiman, on the following phone number 009613222201.”


In turn, Suleiman said: “The launch of the naval campaign, which will be on Sunday towards the town of Naqoura, will pass through all the Lebanese ports, and he completed that a fleet of boats and ships will gather in the town of Naqoura, and that there are several boats that will depart from Tripoli, Dbayeh, Beirut, Jiyeh, Sidon and Tyre to express Lebanon’s rejectionist position. Because of the Zionist threats and the clear American bias towards the enemy, and for any concession regarding the national wealth, and for the amendment of Decree 6433 so that all the Lebanese would be behind it, especially since our valiant army determined this line with knowledge and experience and based on international law, and the border line between us and occupied Palestine and not between us and the Zionist enemy.

He considered that “this work is voluntary based on donations, and thank God we have secured a large part of the cost and burden of the campaign with in-kind and financial donations, and the Lebanese Red Cross has provided us with all the medicines we may need. In the event of an Israeli attack on the participants or in the event of certain medical conditions.” .

He added: “Dozens of banners on which all campaign slogans and demands were written in several languages, including Arabic, English, French and Hebrew, were prepared to express our national principles in the context of defending this national wealth. We also prepared a number of shirts and agreed with all the owners of small boats in the Lebanese ports to With free demonstrations (or parades), the Lebanese flags are raised in support of this movement in all the ports from which the campaign will be launched or those it will pass in. This is for the ships that cannot reach the town of Naqoura, as for the yachts that can reach Naqoura, in large part, we acquired them with the initiatives of their owners The patriots are free of charge, and this is a source of pride for us, and we are very pleased to see this great patriotic enthusiasm and enthusiasm.”

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