National News Agency – Yazbek participated in the annual mass in Chekka to comfort the souls of its martyrs on the 5th of July

NNA – The media office of a member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, Batroun’s deputy, Ghiath Yazbek, announced in a statement that he “participated in the annual mass that is held in the town of Chekka for the comfort of the souls of its martyrs on the fifth of July, the anniversary of the attack of the Palestinians and their supporters and the victory of Chekka, and is presided over by the Maronites of the Tripoli Diocese of Maronites. Bishop Youssef Soueif, assisted by Fathers Fadi Mansour, Basilius Ghafri and Roland Maarbes, in the presence of Father Ibrahim Shaheen.

The mass was attended by Yazbek, Chekka Municipality Mayor Farajallah Kfoury, Vice President Antoine Abi Shaheen, the “Lebanese Forces” coordinator in the Batroun area Elias Karam, the head of the Chekka Center Carlos Daher, the head of the Phalange Department in Chekka Tony Antoun and the families of the martyrs and a large number of actors and children town and interested.

After the liturgy, Yazbek participated in laying a wreath at the memorial of the Shakka martyrs in honor of their memory and in fulfillment of their sacrifices.


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